At 4am Beijing time on December 23rd, the 22nd/23rd season of the English League Cup round of 16 welcomed the focal point match. At the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City narrowly won 3-2 and Wupu advanced. Haaland and Mahrez led Manchester City twice, while Carvalho and Salah equalized the score for Liverpool twice. Ak scored the winning goal for Manchester City, and De Bruyne provided two assists. In the 9th minute, De Bruyne sent a precise cross from the left, and Harland's left foot volleyed into the air to score. 1-0, Manchester City's opening goal. In the 19th minute, Matip made a direct pass, Milna tapped the center on the right side of the penalty area, and Fabio Carvalho scored with his right foot near the penalty spot. 1-1, Liverpool equalizes the score! In the 46th minute, Rodri provided a precise cross from midfield, and Mahrez stopped the ball on the right side of the penalty area with his left foot outside the back of his foot and scored a powerful shot, giving Manchester City a 2-1 lead. In the 47th minute, Nunes relied on speed and strength on the left side, Laporte hit the center horizontally, and Salah relaxe【Chinese Lottery, Philippine Lottery, Chess and Card Entertainment, Macau Lottery, Blackjack Poker, Part time Money Making, Football Betting, Basketball Betting, Football News, Football Network, World Cup, European Cu】

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